Some photographic projects take their form after months of reflection, years of work and maybe a life of incubation.

Other projects, on the other hand, are conceived and generated so quickly that they seem to last the space of a dream, but with such an intensity to dilate and dilute time.

These photos are born of an introspection experienced during an important phase of my life, in which many things have changed and others will.

The perception of myself connected to a past time, a present time and a future time.

The combination of these temporal spaces as painted slides projected to an ever-changing audience, and at the same time a representation of different life phases – past, present and hypothetical.

Just as Penelope wove every day and every night unraveled Laertes’s shroud so as not to have to choose among the Suitors, I likewise painted, erased and superimposed images of my mind asking to be represented.

Images that, in their abstraction, I knew I had to express also through my painting, however (or just because) naive and unaware.