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No one so near to you now

Reading a photography book, I focused on a page that described the concept of “Hidden Mothers”. During the Victorian period the first cameras required long exposure times, for this reason the children (who had to remain still) were photographed together with their mothers, who were then removed from the image during printing, or hiding them […]


On 20 March 2020, at the height of the most dramatic phase of the covid19 emergency in Italy, the most affected regions tried to stem the infection by imposing restrictive measures for the entire population. One of the most significant was to limit travel, for anyone who was not exempt from work or health reasons, […]

Back to Life

Baffled and hungry. Always. We grew up convinced that our life is marked by a continuous series of needs that must be satisfied, and in this frenetic rush we never stop to think what is meant by “needs”. We are distanced ourselves from the beauty and the magic of simply being as human beings. But […]

A Bigger Zoo

We are animals in captivity, but our zoo is so big that we fail to recognise its bars. As the animals in cages unsuccessfully seek an intimate space where to recover their identity, in the same way in parks, gardens and artificial islands we want to find some oasis where we can feel at ease. […]

Penelope’s Diary

Some photographic projects take their form after months of reflection, years of work and maybe a life of incubation. Other projects, on the other hand, are conceived and generated so quickly that they seem to last the space of a dream, but with such an intensity to dilate and dilute time. These photos are born […]

Semper Mater

Since I was a child I followed, step by step, the path my grandmothers, my aunts and my mother were going through. I used to watch them, so getting more and more into being a woman. Over the years I understood that I had recorded and impressed in my unconscious, which was gradually emerging and […]

Hic sunt Leones

‘Here are lions’ is the Latin phrase used to indicate in ancient maps unknown and unexplored locations, where wild, mythological beasts were supposed to live, and where venturing was highly discouraged. Today Google Maps have made everything easier and the inscription “Istituto Palazzolo per Istituti Pii” has replaced those topographic warnings. This is a nursing […]

Sturm und Drag

Apparently just a play on words, this Sturm und Drag shares several characteristics with the almost eponymous 18th-century German movement; first of all the exaltation of instinct and of nature as emblems of an anarchic and disruptive beauty. A vital impulse (drang) that my gaze identifies and personifies in the drag queen Maga Iris, proud […]

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